Blood Type:


Fighting Style:

Modified MugenTenshin-ryu Karate


Expelled Shinobi

Voiced by:

Koji Yada (JAPAN)

[edit] Background

He is the younger brother to Shinden and was a member of the Master of the Mugen Tenshin Ninja Clan. During his life in the tribe he always felt that he was nothing in comparison to his older brother so he dedicated his life to become the best Ninja within the world. Whilst doing this it is said that Raidou somehow stumbled over the ability to be able to copy an opponent's move by just watching them do this, he used this to his advantage by travelling around the world to steal the best techniques and moves that were being used at that time. Once he felt he had enough moves under his belt he returned home to the village and whilst his brother was away he brutally raped his wife, Ayame. Ayane was the spouse of this rape attack and once born meant Raidou was banned from the tribe. However Raidou did not listen to this and one day returned to the tribe in an attempt to learn the tribes hidden move "torn sky blast" which he wanted to use. He managed to acquire this technique by beating and crippling Hayate.

[edit] Raidou in DOA Saga

Raidou to date has stared in 2 Dead or Alive titles, these being;

Dead or Alive
Dead or Alive Ultimate

[edit] Dead or Alive

It is unknown to the reason for Raidou for being anywhere near the DOA Tournament but just after the final matches Kasumi stumbles across him and kills him.

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