Jann Lee

Jann Lee
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Blood Type:


Fighting Style:

Jeet Kune Do



Voiced by:

Brian Vouglas (ENG)
Toshio Furukawa (JAPAN)


[edit] Background

During the years of when Jann Lee was growing up he found that he had the interest in martial arts and trained enough that one day he could prove himself as the strongest. During his time training he helps save a young girl by the name of Lei Fang whilst being attacked in a gang raid.

[edit] Jann Lee in DOA Saga

Jann Lee to date has stared in 4 Dead or Alive titles, these being;

Dead or Alive
Dead or Alive 2
Dead or Alive 3
Dead or Alive 4

[edit] Dead or Alive

The reason for Jann Lee entering this competition was just on the basis that he wanted to fight it and show it to everyone on this big stage.

[edit] Dead or Alive 2

Jann Lee fails to prove anything in the first DOA Tournament so again he decides to enter to prove to people his new found strength with help from a new Master who taught him a few more moves and attributes.

[edit] Dead or Alive 3

With Jann Lee's new found nickname "The Dragon" being echoed around because of his new found power he enters this tournament with the hope of finding a tougher foe which he can defeat to prove his skill.

[edit] Dead or Alive 4

Jann Lee, "The Dragon" for the fourth time enters a tournament to prove himself against the biggest names in the world as he loves the sensation of battles.

[edit] DOA: Dead or Alive

Jann Lee was one of the male characters in the DOA: Dead or Alive Movie though it is unknown who portrayed him as he is not acknowledged in the credits.

Jann Lee faces Christie in the first round but loses.

[edit] Jann Trivia

  • Jann's name is a play on Bruce Lee's name.
  • Jann's birthday is November 27th, the same as Bruce Lee.
  • Jann's costume in Dead or Alive 4 is a replica of a tracksuit worn by Bruce Lee in Game of Death movie.

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