Dead or Alive

Dead Or Alive


Team Ninja



Release date(s):

1996 (Arcade Version)
1997 (Sega Saturn Version)
1998 (Playstation Version)






Arcade, Playstation & Sega Saturn


Single Player & Multiplayer


[edit] Background

This is the first Dead or Alive in the series and was designed by Tomonobu Itagaki. Itagaki stated in a in an interview at the time that the decision to focus on creating a new fighting game was because he was unsatisfied with the style of how the fighting games were being presented for the Japanese market at that time. in 1996 Tamco gave Itagaki the chance to finally develop his vision of what a fighting game should be, that vision was Dead or Alive which arrived for the Japanese Market in the Arcades. Then in 1997, Itagaki was given the chance to produce his Dead or Alive to a bigger market through Sony's very own Playstation. Unfortunately this product was not as successful because of there main rival, Tekkan which was already available and being brought by the masses on the Playstation.

[edit] Story

The DOATEC have organised a worldwide martial arts competition in which many of the top athletes from around the world have decided to partake in. Each character come to the invitation with there own story's which become available to you as the more you play with them and win the tournament.

[edit] Gameplay

The gameplay is set in a 1 on 1 scenario in a created arena (in limited space) and focuses mainly on a fast pace fight with constant counter attacks. Also the ability to be able to preform combo's made the game focus less on button bashing and more on skill to be able to deal a major amount of damage to your apposition to knock them out (via the life bar).

[edit] Characters

[edit] Features

  • Be able to fight as 9 (11 in the Xtreme Version) different fighters with there own unique skills and special moves.
  • You can customise the looks of you characters with over 84 different costumes (in total) available for them to wear.

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