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Bass Armstrong
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Professional Wrestler

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Daisuke Gōri (JAPAN)


[edit] Background

Bass is an undefeated Pro Wrestler Champion. During his time as a champion he meets his wife Alicia and sometime after has a daughter called Tina. Whilst Tina was younh her mother died which left Bass as a single parent and also left him to come to the idea of bringing Tina into professional wrestling with him so he focuses on developing her skills through the years.

[edit] Bass in DOA Saga

Bass to date has stared in 6 Dead or Alive titles, these being;

Dead or Alive
Dead or Alive 2
Dead or Alive 3
Dead or Alive Ultimate
Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
Dead or Alive 4

[edit] Dead or Alive

During Dead or Alive Bass is only in the Playstation and Xtreme Versions Only though when he did he was there to try and convinced his daughter to go back into wrestling though she wants to become a model. In an attempt to doing this Bass enters his daughter into the DOA Tournament where he believe winning will convince her to go back to wrestling.

[edit] Dead or Alive 2

At the start of Dead or Alive 2 Bass enters the tournament in an attempt to stop his daughters dreams of becoming a model, though unfortunately he fails as she defeats him in the latter round of the tournament.

[edit] Dead or Alive 3

In this episode of the Dead or Alive Saga, Bass enters the DOA Tournament in an attempt to stop his daughters new plans of becoming an actress/pop star instead of a model. In this title though it is not told if he succeeds or fails.

[edit] Dead or Alive 4

Bass actually did fail in Dead or Alive 3 as a opening CG Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball shows Tina as a pop star.

In Dead or Alive 4, Bass plans on entering the DOA Tournament to stop his daughters new plans of becoming a Rock Star by defeating her and also he tries to win it so he can enter the Hyper Battle Grand Prix by winning the cash prize.

[edit] DOA: Dead or Alive

Bass was one of the male characters in the DOA: Dead or Alive Movie and was portrayed by Kevin Nash.
Bass in DOA: Dead or Alive

The story of Bass during DOA: Dead or Alive is that he (like in all previous Dead or Alive story's) is trying to persuade his daughter Tina to come back to wrestling like himself. In order to do this he joins the DOA Tournament in attempt to do this.

[edit] Bass Trivia

  • Bass's character design is influenced by the wrestler Hulk Hogan both for his look, moves and winning poses which have been a replica of what Hogan has done in reality.

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