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Fighting Style:

Mugen Tenshin: Hajin Mon Style Ninjutsu



Voiced by:

Janice Kawaye (ENG)
Janna Levenstein (ENG)
Wakana Yamazaki (JAPAN)


[edit] Background

Ayane is the spawn of a rape attack by Raidou on Kasumi's Mother Ayame who was the Queen of the Ninja tribe and wife to Shinden. During her childhood she was often looked at as dirt by other people within the Ninja clan due to the way she was produced, however not everyone dislike her. A boy by the name of Hayate saw past all of this and becomes good friends with her when she was a child. During Ayane's childhood she develops a hatred for her father Raidou for the reason of how she was born and also creates a hatred for Kasumi because she was always treated as a princess by everyone unlike herself.

[edit] Ayane in DOA Saga

Ayane to date has stared in 7 Dead or Alive titles, these being;

Dead or Alive
Dead or Alive 2
Dead or Alive 3
Dead or Alive Ultimate
Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball
Dead or Alive 4
Dead or Alive Xtreme 2.

[edit] Dead or Alive

During Dead or Alive Ayane has no real role within the game other then being an unlockable character in the Playstation and Xtreme Versions of the game and also being a training dummy in the sparing mode.

[edit] Dead or Alive 2

At the start of Dead or Alive 2, Ayane is introduced as the half-sister and cousin of Kasumi and Hayate. Ayane's role within the game starts when Genra orders her to hunt down Kasumi who has been labelled a trator since she left the village. Though unfortunately she fails to complete her mission as she is defeated by Kasumi in the later rounds of the DOA Tournament. Also during Ayane's time in the Tournament she bumps into Hayate who at the time is suffering from temporary memory loss from the effects of the Epsilon Project, so he doesn't know who she is. In addition to this she is also accused of killing Helena's mother though she does admit or deny that she done it.

[edit] Dead or Alive 3

In this episode of the Dead or Alive Saga, Ayane enters the DOA Tournament with the main reason of reaching the final and killing Genra who had been effectively been a puppet for DOATEC. Ayane succeeds in doing this.

[edit] Dead or Alive 4

Ayane pledged everything to her friend Hayate in his cause to destroy DOATEC for all the suffering they have caused the ninja clans. She's assisting him and holds back Kasumi who is trying to stop Hayate from reaching the clan and in addition she also goes one-on-one against the assassin Christie which give Ryu Hayabusa time to go after who he wants to. She also succeeds in destroying the DOATEC building by using

strong magic. Her last act within this game is that she stops Kasumi from returning to the building which could be a sign that she no longer envies her.

[edit] DOA: Dead or Alive

Ayane was one of the female characters in the DOA: Dead or Alive Movie and was portrayed by Natassia Malthe.
Ayane in DOA: Dead or Alive

The story of Ayane during DOA: Dead or Alive is that she has been assigned to kill Kasumi, due to her leaving the village. She finds out that Kasumi has joined the DOA Tournament so she also decides that this is her chance to kill her so she also joins. During her time in the tournament she finds out that her love, Hayate is still alive though she actually thought he was dead.

[edit] Ayane in Ninja Gaiden II

Ayane is an ally of Ryu Hayabusa in the Ninja Gaiden II Saga. During a section of the game she assist him by giving him the Dragon Eye item just before he travels up Mount Fuji. Ayane however doesn't travel with him as she decides to stay behind and help the wounded Joe Hayabusa.

[edit] Ayane in Dead Fantasy

Ayane stared along Dead or Alive's Kasumi and Hitomi in this title. There first appearance in the game is when they are have to fight against the Final Fantasy girls, and Kingdom Hearts' Kairi. Ayane's weapon within this game was a double edge energy sword. (Possibly the same one that she acquired at the end of DOA 3 if you complete her story mode)

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