Blood Type:


Fighting Style:

Modified Mugen Tenshin Ninjustu

Occupation: Experiment Subject
Voiced by:

Sakura Tange (Japan)
Amanda Troop (English)

Relationships: Victor (Creator)

ALPHA-152 is a character in Dead or Alive 4, and the final boss in the game. ALPHA-152 awaits you in the DOATEC headquarters, as the final challenge. Her DNA is completely derived from Kasumi, and will unleash a barrage of attacks. This boss has 8-9 hit combos, that can be initiated at close or long range.

This is not the only time ALPHA-152 has made an appearance. This boss originally appeared in Dead or Alive 2 as Kasumi a.

Depending on the difficulty setting, this boss ranges from very difficult to downright insane. A good knowledge of character combos and a keen eye for dodging will help you in this fight to no end. Good Luck!

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